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Keen to show your irrational side? Or to gift the one you love with something special and System 1? Problem solved!

We now have merchandise. Some items are out of stock at the moment but others you can purchase with a PayPal account. All merchandise and show profits go to support the humanitarian work of Medecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders.

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Change For Good - by Bernard Ross and Omar Mahmoud

Change For Good

The definitive best seller on decision science for pro-social causes with 5 star reviews on Amazon. Normally £24.99 but now £19.99 until festival ends on 3o August 2020. Make sure you save 15%.
Good stock availability.

"Watch Out, I'm Predictably Irrational" T-Shirt

"Watch Out, I'm Predictably Irrational" T-Shirt

At last a way to combine fashion sense with a way to terrify passers by. Secure one of the last few 100 limited edition t-shirts. Regular price £12.99. Special Fringe online offer £9.99.  (Post Free!)
Only 20 left in stock. M, L and XL available.

Irrational Me - Fly Decals

Fly Decals

The solution to all your male ‘pee pointing problems’. Simply attach to any toilet bowl for hours of fun. (For men.) And less hours of cleaning. (For whoever cleans.) £4.99 for pack of 10 stickers. Free post.

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"I got a dig bick" Mug

"I got a dig bick" Mug

The definitive mug requiring a second take, and then a third take as people still don’t pay attention to the second line. Guaranteed to impress your very very shallow friends. £9.99 each + £1.50 post.

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Irrational Me - "Drugs" Pencil

"Too cool to do drugs" Pencil

Yes it’s true the New York school system distributed these pencils believing they would keep kids on the straight and narrow, focused on homework.

Kodi Mosier, a 10-year-old student, took his home then next day pointed out the flaw to his teachers at Ticonderoga Elementary School.

The Bureau for At-Risk Youth, who had distributed the pencils organized a recall. The new batch of pencils had the message written in the opposite direction, so when sharpened, they read “Too Cool To Do” and finally “Too Cool.” BUT you can own one of the original designs.

The perfect gift for the errant niece or nephew?

£9.99 for pack of 10 pencils. Free post.

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